Another reason to LOVE College hoops

College hoops is upon us folks, forget the NBA and it’s over-payed (Kobe), over-hyped (EVERYONE), over-entitled (Dwight Howard) group of regular season sleep-inducing basketball.  Wake me up when we get to Christmas break and the NBA teams actually start giving some real effort.


With .8 seconds left in regulation, unkown-guy “A” lobs it to unkown-guy “B” who smashes it on everyone’s face-hole to take the game into overtime.  THIS IS WHAT IS GREAT ABOUT COLLEGE HOOPS.

Contradicting myself greatly, I must say that BIll Walton is a reason to NOT watch College basketball.  While “commentating” (using that term loosely) the Utah vs San Diego St. game today, Bill dropped these nuggets of wisdom on us:

“You can’t go undefeated if you don’t win your first game”.  (thanks Bill, that’s pure genius)

“What Michael Doelac has done to coach the bigs on Utah is nothing short of legendary status”.  (It’s the 2 game of the season Bill, no one in the country can name 1 player on Utah, and Michael Doleac is garbage…..calm down Bill)

“Steve Fisher has brought that Big-10 toughness to the west coast, what he has done for the city of San Diego and the kids of this city has changed people’s lives forever, it’s the things that legends are made of”.

(wtf are you talking about Bill?  First of all, Steve Fisher has coached at SDSU twice as long as he was in the Big-10 and when he was there, it was in the late 80s-early 90s, the game has changed in the last 20 years Bill, so what Big-10 toughness is Steve Fisher really bringing to SDSU now?  AND SERIOUSLY, who’s lives has Steve Fisher CHANGED in San Diego by coaching basketball and NEVER getting past the sweet 16?  You made this comment after a guy for SDSU made an uncontested layup, wtf are you referring to exactly?  You can’t just SAY things Bill, we’re not 4 year-olds that just BELIEVE whatever you say like a bunch of effing pothead drum-circle degenerates.  You Bill Walton, are an ass-clown and I think you have smoked yourself retarded.)

Sorry, I got a little excited.  Bill Walton is the Harry Caray of basketball, except he’s not loveable and funny.  

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