Bill Simmons Heading to HBO

Former ESPN big-timer Bill Simmons will be taking his talents to the world of premier cable programming.


HBO will be his new home and somewhere in Bristol, CT an ESPN executive is probably (should be) feeling real dumb right about now.

HBO announced Wednesday that it would be the exclusive television home for Mr. Simmons and that he would have a talk show that will debut in 2016. His contract with HBO starts in October.

Additionally, Simmons will have a production deal with HBO that will include video podcasts, similar to what he did at the Mothership with his 30 for 30 documentaries.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.51.24 AMSimmons said,

“It’s no secret that HBO is the single best place for creative people in the entire media landscape.”

He added more after talking/negotiating with the network,

“it was hard to imagine being anywhere else.”

Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, said in a statement:

“We have been fans of Bill Simmons and his work for a very long time. His intelligence, talent and insights are without precedent in the areas he covers. We could not be more thrilled for him to bring those talents to HBO and to become a signature voice at the network, spanning the sports and pop culture landscapes.”

ESPN made a bad decision not to renew Simmons’ contract, he was one of the few bright shining stars and personalities who is constantly and relentlessly stretching the creative boundaries for sports, culture and media.

This is a huge GET for HBO, the future of sports news, culture and coverage is about to be skewed and stretched farther than we may have imagined with the type of freedom I would guess Simmons is about to have at HBO.

I mean, you can curse and show boobs on HBO………slow hand-clap.


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