College Football Took a Dump on EVERYONE

The College Football Playoff Committee did exactly what a committee normally does when asked to make a big decision, blow it worse than a broken hair dryer.

As a hitchhiker’s guide to the football universe, the NCAA and college football bowl selectors have been destroying National Championship hopes and dreams for every school NOT in the power conferences and NOT named Notre Dame for about 30 years strait.  But this year, their shortcut to making people shut-up completely backfired and the uphill, into the wind pee-stream came back and hit them square in the face-hole.

For years we’ve all complained about teams outside the power conferences never getting a chance to play for a National Title, the BCS system was flawed and caused nothing but arguments for years (which I’m sure college football secretly loved), we War Games-ed ourselves into a corner and let the computers win by giving way to much weight to what a computer said, to that blueprint we all said, “shut the fuck up Joshua”.

BCS Computer

BCS Computer

So college football implemented a change this season, but the “change” was really just a shortcut to more insanity.  The old system gave double-secret bonus points for schools that had a popular name (Bama, Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State) and left schools like TCU or Boise State holding but their Richard in their hands.  There was no way to break the viscous cycle.

Along came the 4-team playoff which was cited to fix the problem that the BCS had created.  But wouldn’t ya know it, the championship committee donkey punched that whole thing just like the walking robots they really are.  This 4-team playoff (the number of teams alone tells you they planned on screwing one of the power five conferences) was the shortcut to the real destination:  college football needs an 8-team playoff system worse than Kevin McCallister needed to dial 911.

“It’s a shortcut, it’s supposed to be a challenge.  If it were easy it would just be the way.”  Let me raise my 8-Team Playoff flag high in the air and call it THE WAY.

No matter how you shake it, TCU and Baylor got screwed for no reason other than to feed the debate on “First Take” every morning from now until January 12th.  Seriously, have you ever heard of a team falling 3 spots in the rankings from #3 to #6 AFTER posting a 55-3 win!?!?!

Just for the record, in a head-to-head game right now, TCU would be favored by 7 points over Ohio State (the team picked over both TCU and Baylor) and Baylor would be favored by 6 points according to VEGAS ODDS MAKERS.  You know, the same Vegas odds makers that basically run all of college sports.

College football put a band-aid on a gash that required stitches, all we can do now is hope it doesn’t bleed out on the ambulance ride to the hospital.

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