Lamar Odom Yelled at TMZ

I can’t help but feel a little sad for Lamar Odom as he tries to “kill the messenger” here in this video that TMZ posted.  He’s rightfully angry, and who can blame him, that TMZ (and other similar media outlets) have been surgically attached at his hip for the last 3-5 years due to his involvement and relationship with a modern day media siren. 

I understand his anger, but I understand it only to a certain point.  His basketball career abruptly ended while he probably still had several years of effectiveness left in his tank and his life seemed to go into shambles after his PUBLIC relationship with Khloe Kardashian went sour (surprised?).


Here’s the BUT or However:

  • Lamar asked for this.  He did it.  HE married a Kardashian.  The family dwells in the gutter of money-making publicity, media hogging and professional standing in front of a camera and saying dumb stuff.  Lamar married INTO this family, he wasn’t forced to do it.  He HAD TO HAVE KNOWN what he was getting himself into.
  • His game declined.  He NEVER reached his full potential in the NBA.  He’s always coasted by on being naturally bigger and more athletically skilled than most that play his position.  His 6’10”, lanky, yet strong and naturally skilled frame put him in a situation to always be a tough-cover for shooting guards and small forwards as well power forwards or centers.  He had all the potential in the world to be a better, more athletic version of Dirk Nowitzki.  His inside-outside game should’ve dominated EVERY opponent  EVERY day.  BUT, Lamar obviously wasn’t able to push himself hard enough to be great.  He didn’t have that extra gear that players like Lebron and Kobe possess.  Lamar didn’t have the work ethic he needed to be GREAT.
  • Lamar seems to be blaming everyone else.  Take some accountability, all of this could’ve been handled better.  1)  DON’T go make a reality show with the Kardashians.  2)  DON’T let that reality lifestyle completely suck you in and take time away from what should be priority #1 – basketball.  3)  YOU ARE A BASKETBALL PLAYER, be a basketball player, concentrate on being the best you can be at the sport that got you where you are.  4)  Take care of your body and your mind, part of the decline in Lamar’s game was the physical toll that living the reality lifestyle took on his body (alcohol, eating poorly and who knows what else etc…).  He was out of shape from the second that TV show came into his life.  5)  Stick with what you are good at, basketball.  The window of opportunity for professional athletes is only about 10 years of your life.  It closes quickly.  Don’t waste time with outside B.S. like reality TV stars, all that shit will still be there AFTER you’re done playing ball.

The truth is, I do understand that the *Kardashian curse is real.  Those women suck you in and spit you out leaving only a shell of your previous self.  There’s something about the lifestyle surrounding that family that just breeds insanity, drugs, alcohol abuse and overall despicable-ness.

So while I empathize with Lamar, I do not sympathize.

To say that Lamar had a shaky childhood would be an incredible understatement.  And of course that could’ve put him in a mindset of NEEDING to be involved with a strong family dynamic when he got older, but this wasn’t the strong family he needed.

TMZ isn’t the real problem, they’re just the annoying fly hovering over all the shit Lamar has been walking through the last few years.

*The Kardasian Curse:  The belief that the Kardashian women posses an actual man-hating and demoralizing demon inside their soul set out to destroy, emasculate, control and reduce men to a shriveled, tiny, golem version of a previously happy and strong male human being.  If you don’t believe it exists, it only grows stronger.  No man has survived the Kardasian curse……..except maybe Kris Humphries (cause he got the eff outta there quick). 

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