NFL Poll: weed the same as alcohol

When Obama said he believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, apparently the NFL players heard him loud and clear.

In a recent poll done by ESPN, over 100 NFL players were asked if they agree with President Obama’s statements concerning marijuana.  According to the poll, 75 of the 82 players that answered the question voted in agreement with Obama.  Unfortunately the NFL’s substance abuse policy must not have been drafted by anyone listening to the Commander and Chief in January.

  • The NFL’s substance abuse policy calls for players who test positive for marijuana to enter the league’s drug program (probation).
  • The 2nd-time offenders go to Stage 2 of the program (double secret probation), where another positive test results in a four-game suspension.
  • Strike 3 and above gets a little hazy, or cloudy, or blurry…..pick an adjective.  The 32-page policy on repeat offenders states that punishment will become more severe after the 2nd time (double-double secret probation?).


Essentially the players polled have said they do not believe the punishment meets the crime when it comes to marijuana, especially in the light of the Ray Rice decision that recently surfaced.

The NFL will have you believe that comparing Ray Rice’s offense and a player who repeatedly breaks the league’s substance abuse policy (Josh Gordon) is like comparing apples and oranges when it comes to punishment handed out.  Just to be clear, Ray Rice knocked his fiancee out with his fist in an Atlantic City casino.  Josh Gordon just smokes too much weed.

Ray Rice got a two game suspension, Josh Gordon was dealt a calender-year suspension for failing multiple drug tests.  Mike Preifer, the Special Teams coach for the Minnesota Vikings was suspended three games this season for his homophobic slurs towards a player on his own team.

So to ridiculously connect the dots (humor is the best medicine right?):

1)  Ray Rice would have to knock out 8 women in a casino in Atlantic City before he’d receive the same suspension as Josh Gordon.

2)  Ray Rice would have had to call his fiancee some kind of racial or homophobic slur WHILE punching her in order to receive the same punishment as Coach Mike Preifer.

Is the substance abuse policy department at the NFL actually the NCAA rules committee?

They seem to be working along the same guidelines, making it up as they go, like a freestyle-walking, parkor-ing, 12 year old in a park littered with benches.

By the way, did I mention that the 2014 Superbowl included two teams who reside in states where recreational marijuana IS legal?

weed bowl

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