The Greatest Game You Never Saw

The greatest/closest thing to a real-life video game I’ve ever seen in my life was the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team”.  The best team that has EVER been assembled across the board, top to bottom, inside and out.  There has never been a better team in any sport.  There has never been anything like it on earth since.

Just to refresh:

1)  The US team won by an average margin of 43 points per game on it’s way to the Gold Medal.

2)  The players signed autographs for the opposing teams before, after and even during the games.

3)  This roster was so good……..HOW GOOD WAS IT??

This roster was so good, that the 2-time college player of the year (Christian Laettner) was the worst player on the team and barely saw the floor (take that Dukies).

1992-NBA-Dream-Team 4)  Charles Barkley kicked a guy in the chest after he dunked on him.

The Dream Team was basketball played at it’s highest possible level, combining the greatest athletes in the world with the greatest coaches in the world.  The other countries didn’t stand a chance.  I watched every minute of the 1992 Olympic basketball games, but I missed the best game ever played:

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