Johnny Manziel Throws Incompletion, Gives Redskins Bench the Finger

Johnny Manziel likes to party, roll up lobsters and flip the bird to opposing benches.

10 plays later, he scored his first NFL touchdown.

Naturally, Twitter bestowed a new nickname within minutes.


Johnny effin Football, ladies & gentleman.

Bengals Backup QB Throw Up, Throws Touchdown, Throws Up Again

Pure Steamin Willie Beamen style.

There really isn’t much to say about this. The video does the talking: Matt Scott fucking throws up, then throws a TD. Then throws up again.

The backup was undrafted in 2013 out of Arizona, and spent his first season in Jacksonville on the practice squad. The guy hadn’t even taken one snap in an NFL game until last night.

Given his nerves were obviously functioning like a bro in Vegas after 7 straight Jagerbombs, he was still able to shoot 7-of-11 for 66 yds and 2 touchdowns – a freaking stellar 119.7 passer rating.

Sure, it was against the 4th squad. But he did it while throwing up. And not having thrown a pass since college. Like a boss.

Power 5 Conferences Take Their Ball And Run


Today, the NCAA voted to allow the Power 5 conferences (Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, and ACC) autonomy. This allows them to make their own rules as far as giving players stipends, total cost of tuition, player insurance, recruiting rules, etc. Basically, these conferences can now do what they want. What does that mean for the little guys not in those conferences? They now have to fight for the leftovers of recruits and, well, money. Is this the new university version of “separate, but equal?”

LeSean McCoy Says What Every Elite RB Says Before the Season Starts

Only seven running backs in NFL history have rushed for at least 2,000 yards in a single season – and only three of them done it this decade.

Although LeSean McCoy ranked 1st in carries last season for a total of 1,607 yards (a solid 5.7 YPC average) to claim the Rushing Title, he is already making his 2014 season that much more exciting.

Another 393 yards isn’t impossible, but it is more than likely improbable with the addition of Darren Sproles to the backfield that will surely take from his NFL-leading workload.

Also, with such a pass happy league and an efficient playmaker under center, Chip Kelly and his Eagles will most likely look to increase the workload to Nick Foles’ arm; the Eagles ranked 27th in pass attempts last season.

Keep feeding him those smoothies, Chip. We’re rooting for you Shady. Except if it’s against you in fantasy.

LeBron Stops by Cleveland Browns Camp, Internet Loses its Mind

The NFL regular season hasn’t yet kicked off and we aren’t even close to the NBA’s tip off, but the LeBron James – Cleveland reunion is already in midseason form.

The 4-time NBA MVP surprised everyone and showed up to the Cleveland Browns training camp, standing on the sideline and watching practice for nearly an hour with his two sons.

It was his first public appearance since signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers last month.

This wasn’t their first time meeting, but it’s their first public encounter since the trade and it looks like LeBronny Manziel is already in full bloom.

We see you, Cleveland.