Messi’s Giving Everyone High Blood Pressure

The Internet has been lighting up over the past month due to wild speculation that cardinal footballer, Lionel Messi, might make a move. Arguably one of the top players in the world right now, the Argentinian forward has spent his entire career of highlights, infrequent lowlights and international milestones in La Liga with FC Barcelona. His entire career. He was in their system even as a junior when he was just a cub.

Let’s just take a second to acknowledge how rare that kind of franchise longevity is in the world of professional sports.

Here’s what we know:

This December interview with Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho puts Barcelonians at ease:

Next Messi decides to follow Chelsea on Instagram:

Servers crash. Fans go berserk.

Then this:

Apparently nobody knows what is happening but hats everywhere are being tossed into the ring. It’s no secret that Messi has had differences of opinion with Barcelona Coach Luis Enrique, including some serious frustrations with how he has been used this year on the field. Whether or not those are reason enough for the veteran to commit to another club is anyone’s guess. And right now everyone is guessing.

To date Chelsea has confirmed interest but denied action. In their words, “He’s the best player in the world, of course we want him!” Mourinho is sticking to his guns and claiming that the club doesn’t have the money to sign Messi at this time. With 2015 being the first year of the full Financial Fair Play rules in effect, there could be significant truth to this. Clubs are growing more cautious to risk future gains for immediate satisfaction. In layman’s terms: The scope of potential repercussions for these decisions is scarier now.

From the Internet’s perspective the whole thing has almost reached a boiling point. The good news is with the January transfer period upon us, there’s a strong chance by February 1st fans will know whose field #10 will be on in the future.



written by: A.M. Boidock

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