CubWagon Defined


Pronunciation: (cub)(wag)(on)

  1. The official Chicago Cubs bandwagon
  2. Informal The act of outsiders who do not call Chicago “home” choosing to cheer for the Cubs, which results in an outrageous spike in fanship that suspiciously coincides with the team performing better.
  3. Informal The hashtag everyone baseball should be using right now

To be clear, at TheCola we don’t support bandwagon fans.  They’re at the top of our hit list.  We just think they’re the worst.  We want loyalties that run 3 generations deep sitting across the bar from us when we’re slinging mud at them during Game 6 of the World Series.  Not bandwagon fans.  Simply put, they just don’t have enough firepower in those situations.

What we do support is the CUBWAGON…..Why?

Because the Yankees and the Sox are out?

Yes, but also because above all individual loyalties what we love the most is BASEBALL. We love everything about it— the game, the buzz, the history.  It all makes for great stories to tell our future grandkids.

The Cubs have the market cornered on “story” right now.  They are baseball’s darling because we all know they’re overdue.  Plus, we’re following the “Sinatra rule”.

Sinatra called New York home.  He also loved Chicago.  LA.  Vegas.  Really anywhere with women and legs for days.  If that logic isn’t enough for you, here’s the adaptation: fans must have a bulletproof reason for repping an away team.

Here’s our reason: 107 years of being made fun of and beaten up in alleyways.  When it comes down to it, we’re sick of all the bullying.

Party on, Chicago. We’re with you.