Klay All Day


Klay just put all of us and all of those feelings to shame times infinity.  Steve Kerr has it right when he describes Klay Thompson’s record-setting shooting performance last night as “otherworldly.”

Thompson’s hot streak was paired with a kind of enigmatic sync with the universe that even the player development guys couldn’t explain.  Pretty much every shooter out there, myself included, can relate to this feeling when they think back on a night where they found themselves hitting shots with uncanny fluidity and thought: I’m good but am I that good?  Then you snap out of it and just hold on for dear life, praying it doesn’t end before the clock does.

Last night against Sacramento he set the league record for most points ever scored in one quarter (37 in the 3rd), the majority of which came in a continuous onslaught during the final 6 minutes.  He also set the league record for highest 3-point percentage (11 for 15, 73.3%) for any player shooting 15 or more in a game.

People were falling out of their chairs at the arena on Friday and today NBA fans are still in a frenzy re-watching the tape.  Everyone seems to be gushing except Thompson, who is sticking to his patented humility.

This morning every shooting coach and skills trainer in America re-printed their business cards and walked out of the house with a spring in their step because their stock just went up.

written by:  A.M. Boidock

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