LA’s Finest, Corgi-Con!


This event isn’t actually called CorgiCon, but it should be. Last Saturday, 634 Welsh Corgis signed the guestbook at Huntington Beach for “So Cal Corgi Beach Day” – and that’s just Corgis on the record. Off the record, I’m sure a few slipped in.

02 03 04

I arrived curious, Corgi-less, feeling “so LA”– and was immediately overwhelmed by the absurdity of it all. It started off with a Corgi named Waffles pattering up to me and it only got better from there. Throughout the afternoon, I had more strangers walk over and strike up conversations with me than I have in the past year around town. I heard more interesting stories and anecdotes— and laughed more— as well. All day, I was hard-pressed to find someone not wearing an uncontrollable grin.

05 06

These folks are true enthusiasts. I’ve never been to a friendlier gathering in my life. Whatever they’re collectively on, trust me, you want a hit. Try to pop by the next one. The heart + soul boost you’ll get will be well worth the trip.

Rock on, LA.



-written by A.M Boidock




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