Power 5 Top 5 (October 4th)

We have our first major upset of the season! Arizona went into Eugene, Oregon, as an underdog and came out a winner! After the loss, this will drop the PAC-12 in the Power 5 Top 5 standings.


  1. Florida State (ACC): Probably won’t see a change in this ranking for a  couple of weeks. Not until Notre Dame comes to town.


  1. Oklahoma (Big 12): The Sooners have slowly been climbing the Power 5 rankings this season. This game against TCU will be more of a test of where TCU is in the pecking order.


  1. Alabama (SEC): This game is just one of three games this weekend that will have an impact on the SEC West as well as eliminating a couple of teams from the ranks of the unbeaten. Even with home field advantage, Ole Miss is still not on the level of Alabama.


  1. Nebraska (Big 10): Nebraska wants to be the team to beat in the Big 10.If they win against Michigan State, this could be the game that gets them over the hump and into the national spotlight.


  1. UCLA (PAC-12): Why not Arizona?! It was close, but UCLA is the next man up in the pecking order. UCLA’s next two games could allow for Arizona to move up, if the Bruins falter. Although, with games against USC and at Washington State, it’s not that easy for Arizona either.

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