Power 5 Top 5 (September 19th)

Now it’s time to get into the meat of the football schedules with the beginning of conference games! This is where we separate the men from the boys. We’ll see if Florida is ready to play with the big boys, or will Will Muschamp’s seat just get hotter? Oklahoma travels to Morgantown, WV, where playing is always tough. As far as the Power 5 Top 5 is concerned, Oklahoma is slowly working its way up the ladder.


  1. Florida State (ACC): “Famous” Jameis doesn’t seem to be learning from his past mistakes. With his latest incident of dumbness, Coach Jimbo Fisher has suspended him for the first half (just a half, Coach??) against Clemson this weekend. Is this the game that knocks the ‘Noles off course?


  1. Oregon (PAC-12): Travels to Washington State. Wazzu hasn’t beaten the Ducks since 2006 and they probably won’t beat them this year.


  1. Oklahoma (Big 12): Took care of business in their non-conference games and look to take care of business in conference.


  1. Alabama (SEC): Putting Alabama on top after Georgia’s loss to South Carolina. Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M are a close second. In fact, lets throw all of the SEC West, except Arkansas (because of their one loss) in a close second. These conference games will be a meat grinder.

 Big Ten

  1. Anyone In The (Big Ten): Still on the outside looking in. Penn State and Nebraska might be worthy of taking the top spot, but that remains to be seen. I might have to look outside of the conference (BYU?) for some team worthy of this rank.

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