Under Armour Messes Up Another Uniform; Nike Does Not.

Notre Dame revealed their new football uniforms for the upcoming season today. Being that the teams for the school are now being fitted by Under Armour (in what is the richest apparel contract in college sports), I wasn’t expecting much, and alas, I didn’t get much. Thankfully, they kept the home and away unis in their classic look.

Notre Dame Home Notre Dame Away

Where they go wrong is with their “Shamrock Series” alternate uniform. I guess I probably would not have a problem with this outfit if it weren’t for the helmet. Under Armour decided to spoil this pristine helmet by adding the interlocking “ND” to the sides.

Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uni

As the saying goes, “one bad apple spoils the bunch,” I say one bad helmet spoils the uni. They did add a nice under shirt to the uniform…

Notre Dame Under

…if you were taking part in The Crusades!


On the other hand, job well done Nike. The Arizona State “Desert Fuel” uniform was revealed yesterday. This uniform pays tribute to the copper history of Arizona, by adding copper to the color scheme of the anthracite alternate. Adidas and Under Armour take note: this is how you make a uniform.

Arizona State Desert Fuel Arizona State Copper Helmet

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