Another Set of WINNERS (Nov. 1st)

Here we go people, WE GOT WINNERS FOR YA.  Good luck this weekend.

Casey G’s picks:



Taking The Whales Vagina +1 AWAY @ Taking My Skills to South Beach

San Diego is coming off two tough weeks, a loss at home against an improving every week Kansas City team and then a loss at Denver during Peyton Manning’s record-breaking love-fest.  Three weeks ago everyone was talking like San Diego was the second best team in the NFL, two losses later and they’re yesterday’s garbage.  Phillip Rivers will wrinkle-scowl-face his team back to it’s winning ways on Sunday in Miami, mark it eight dude.

The Dude abides for San Diego

The Dude abides for San Diego


Taking Cincinnati -10.5 @ HOME over Jacksonville

The battle of the big cats that don’t naturally inhabit the area of the franchise is on and crackin!!  Cincinnati is due for a big game offensively, they’ve struggled the last few weeks but were able to pull out the victory last week against Baltimore.  AJ Green looks like he will return to action, so open up the flood gates offensively Big Red (Andy Dalton)!  The Ginger-to-Sanu combination has gained more chemistry than the Walter White-to-Jessie Pinkman combo over the last few weeks, and now we throw in a wild card extra cast member (AJ Green) to run the streets with Blue Magic……..remember kids, don’t do drugs.

Bengals Run These Streets

Bengals Run These Streets


Taking Kansas City -10 @ HOME over Poop-Town/NY

Say it with me now, J.E.R.K.S., JERKS JERKS, JERKS!  Seriously, how many times do I have to pick the Jets to lose the game and also the spread?!?!?  The Jets have lost to the spread 3 out of the last 4 weeks, in addition to losing all 4 of those games.  Michael Vick is the starting QB, Rex Ryan can’t even spell offense, much less call a decent play, Eric Decker is concentrating more on his reality show than catching passes (miss Denver much Decker?) and poor, poor Percy Harvin.  Harvin got dumped by the Superbowl champs for the bottom-dwelling NFL covered-in-week-old-beer basement floor.  That’s like dating the head cheerleader senior year, getting dumped on Prom Night because she decided she’s a lesbian (thanks to you) and waking up in a seedy hotel room off I-95 next to the hunch-back school Janitor.  Light em if you got em.



Taking University of Kansas +36 AWAY over Baylor University

I have no logical reason for this pick, so just do it, I don’t know why……..just do it.  Kansas +36, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!


Taking CSU -6.5 AWAY over San Jose State

CSU is hot, winning six games in a row and covering the spread all six times.  San Jose State lost to Navy last week and lost to Nevada a few weeks ago (CSU beat Nevada 31-24 @ Nevada).  All signs point to CSU continuing their run for the Mountain West Championship and a top-25 ranking.  GO RAMS!!

T.L. Graham’s Picks Of The Week:


 Air Force Academy (-2.5) Over Army

Air Force wins this and the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is theirs.


Kentucky (+8.5) Over Missouri

Kentucky looks to snap a two game losing streak.


Ole Miss (-2.5) Over Auburn

Ole Miss looks to bounce back after a terrible game at LSU.



 San Diego (+2.5) Over Miami

It’s hard to go against Phillip Rivers with the monster season he is having.


Pittsburgh (+1.5) Over Baltimore

This will be one black and blue slugfest. Pittsburgh has the benefit of being at home.


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