Gimme Winners (Nov. 8)

Here we go, a day late, but NEVER a dollar short.

Casey G’s picks:



Taking CSU @ home -20.5 over Hawaii

CSU has been a beacon of hope and consistency the last 7 weeks.  They have won 7 games in a row and covered the spread in all 7 games.  GO GET EM RAMS!!!


COWBOYS/JAGS (in London)

Taking Dallas AWAY -7.5 over Jacksonville

Dallas is still rolling in the right direction even after a small stumble the last 2 weeks.  Tony Romo is back!  romo-sandwiched-during-giants-game


Taking Pittsburgh AWAY -4.5 over New York/New Jersey/Poop-Town President

The Jets are terrible.  More importantly, Ben Rapelisberger has thrown 105 touchdowns in the last 2 games setting the fantasy football world on fire like a herpes convention in hell.



Taking Denver AWAY -12 over Oakland

This is a big line, but really it stinks of Vegas trying to get people to bet on Oakland and the “rivalry” between Denver and Oakland.  Denver is due for a big blowout again, Peyton Manning has records to keep breaking now that Big Ben is getting so much press (cause only Peyton gets to set QB records, NO ONE ELSE!) and the weather is nice in Cali right now.  All signs pointing towards a big day for Denver.


Taking Miami AWAY +3 over Detroit

I am tired of getting surprised and beaten by Miami, so this week I’m jumping on the train.  They’ve killed me three weeks in a row when I bet against them and the spread.  Detroit is a bit of a mirage at 6-2 overall, beating a train-wreck Atlanta team by 1 last week, and barely holding on against New Orleans two weeks ago by 1 point.  Here’s an interesting stat for you: only two of Detroit’s wins come against teams with a winning record so far this season.  Oh, and Ryan Tannehill’s girlfriend is hot.


T. L. Graham’s picks


Arizona State (-2.5) over Notre Dame

Air Force Academy (-5) over UNLV

Michigan State (-3.5) over Ohio State



Detroit (-2.5) over Miami

San Francisco (+5.5) over New Orleans

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