Got Those Winners (Nov. 15)

Week 11 here we go:

Casey G’s picks:



Taking Denver AWAY -10.5 over St. Louis

Denver is a gravy train on biscuit wheels, not to mention Peyton Manning playing inside a DOME!?!?  Nelly just rolled over in his no-longer-relevant-rapper-grave.



Taking Washington @ HOME -7.5 over Tampa Bay

I don’t know, why not right?  RG3 is getting “healthy”, Washington is in need a win to stay relevant in the division, and they’re at home.  Not to mention Tampa Bay is strait booty.  Go SKINS!!


Taking Houston AWAY +3.5 over Cleveland

TURN DOWN FOR JJ WATT!!!!  Houston is due for a big day, their defense has been stout and for some reason I just don’t believe in Cleveland.  Maybe it’s because they’re zero for the century for winning seasons.


Taking Minnesota AWAY +4.5 over Chicago

Chicago is a train wreck, actually they’re a train wreck combined with a lupus outbreak wrapped in a typhoid fever, gluten-free spinach wrap.


Taking San Diego HOME -10.5 over Oakland

The Whale’s Vagina is due for a bounce-back game, and Oakland is ready and willing like a………..insert hooker joke here.


T.L. Graham’s picks:


 South Carolina (+7) Over Florida:

“The Ol’ Ball Coach” goes to his old stomping ground, Florida. He’ll definitely have his team ready.

Mississippi State (+10) Over Alabama:

The number one team in the country is an underdog! I can see it. They are playing in Tuscaloosa, which is tough for anyone to play at.

Miami (+2.5) Over Florida State:

Miami has been a thorn in Florida State’s side many of times. Just ask Bobby Bowden.



Seattle (+2.5) Over Kansas City:

The “Legion of Boom” might be too much for Alex Smith to handle.

San Diego (-10.5) Over Oakland:

It’s the Raiders. Enough said.

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