If I was a betting man (September 26th)

Every Thursday we will give you multiple winners, basically giving you free money.  We should actually just call this post,

“The William J. Le Petomane memorial gambling blog for the insane”.

Casey G’s WINNERS:



Taking Chicago @ home +1.5 over Green Bay.

“Chicago is on the verge of figuring it all out”, said EVERY BEARS FAN ON EARTH. But seriously, Jay Cutler is slinging it all over and has now found a new and improved red-zone killer in his TE Martellus Bennett.

Green Bay’s woes will continue, even though Aaron Rodgers has all but discount-double-checked a victory with his own version of “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”. Except in this 2014 remake, Rodgers will be relaxing while picking the Soldier Field grass out of his teeth.


Taking Pittsburgh @ home -7.5 over Tampa Bay.

“Black n Yellow, Black n Yellow”. But more importantly, Tampa Bay is just absolutely terrible. After last Thursday’s excuse for a football team was waxed intellectually by Atlanta, there is very little hope for anything less than the same in Pittsburgh……did I mention that the Steelers just re-signed James “prison break” Harrison too?? I’d take this line even if it was two touchdowns.


Taking Philadelphia away +5 over San Francisco.

I’m taking a Philadelphia Flyer on the Philly Eagles boys-n-girls!! Call it a bounce-back game for the Eagles, or you can call it a bay area disaster on par with the quake in ‘89. The 49ers are on a slippery slope lubed up with KY and Clark W. Griswold’s non-nutritive cereal varnish.

San Francisco has a bigger identity crisis than Tom Cruise after too many vanilla bean martinis. “Am I a wide-open, spread-it-around, play the field sorta dude or a jam it up the middle, control the clock kind of guy?” I’ll let you guess if I was just referring to Tom Cruise or the 49ers offense.



Taking Virginia @ home -27 over Kent St.

Kent St. has a football team?


Taking Michigan St. @ home -31.5 over Wyoming.

Does anyone go to Wyoming on purpose? Why do I feel like people just end up there on accident, kind of like Narnia, Never-Never Land or New Jersey.

TL Graham’s WINNERS:


Boston College (-9 ½) over Colorado State:

CSU will be traveling the farthest east it has ever been since 1959, which will give BC an edge. Boston College is on a two game winning streak, after beating USC, and will continue that streak on Saturday.

Stanford (7 ½) over Washington:

Battle for the PAC-12 North begins this weekend in Seattle. New coach, Chris Petersen, is looking to get a signature win in his first season, but it won’t be against Stanford.

Utah (-13 ½) over Washington State:

Wazzu put up a valiant fight in a loss against Oregon last week. Utah is coming off a road win at The Big House, in a game that they controlled over Michigan. Even though Washington State has the number one passing offense in the nation, Utah will get the stops it needs to win the game.


New Orleans (-3) over Dallas:

Rob Ryan’s defense hasn’t been looking so great lately, but being that the Saints are playing Dallas (a team that he has no love for), he’ll have his guys ready. Not to mention that Dallas’ secondary, which is weak, is playing against Drew Brees. Doesn’t bode well for the ‘Boys.

San Francisco (-5) over Philadelphia:

This is a tough one. The Eagles have been winning games while coming back from behind, and the 49ers have been losing games after being in the lead. Their first game in their new stadium ended in a loss and Kaepernick and crew are looking to rectify that.

There you have it, happy hunting.

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