Quick Picks (October 25th)

The battle for degenerate gambling king reigns on, here are your picks for this week.  Happy hunting.

Casey G.’s Picks



Taking New England -6 @ Home over Chicago

The Pats are getting up and down the field faster than a pimp on MLK Blvd. on the first of the month.  TFB has found his groove throwing for 9 TDs, almost 1,000 yds (914) and completing 64% of his passes in the past 3 games.  Meanwhile Chicago is a train wreck. 

What time do we play on Sunday?

What time do we play on Sunday?


Taking Buffalo away +3 over NY/NJ/Poop-Town

This game has terrible dripping off an ugly pile of doo-doo butter written all over it.  The Jets are bad news, even with the weird mid-season addition of Percy Harvin (NY still has no QB to get him the rock).  I don’t know how to “root” for anyone in this game, can both teams lose?


Taking Houston away -3.5 over Tennessee

Houston is starting to figure out how to be relevant offensively:  GIVE ARIAN FOSTER THE BALL.  Foster has gained 368 yds and scored 4 TDs on 63 carries over the past 3 games=keep feeding him the rock.  Even though the Texans have lost the last 3 games, they’ve been very close 1-score games that could’ve gone either way.  Houston will arrest the development on Sunday in Tennessee.


Taking Dallas @ home -10 over Washington

I know this seems like a big line, but I smell BS on this one.  HUGE bunch of booty on this horse.  We got Dallas at home riding the DeMarco Murray train at a smooth 88 mph, smashing all space-time continuums in it’s path.

Washington is moving downhill with the speed of a mac-truck on a track of Vaseline.  Did I mention the Redskins are starting Colt McCoy at QB this week??



Taking my CSU Rams @ home -19 over the poop-n-pee uniformed boys to the north

CSU is 6-1 and coming off two GREAT wins at Nevada and at home against Utah St.  The Rams are close to breaking into the top 25 and are moving towards the best post-Sonny Lubick season in school history.

T.L. Graham’s Weekly Picks


Clemson (-14.5) over Syracuse:

South Carolina (+19.5) Over Auburn

Virginia (-6.5) Over North Carolina


Baltimore (-1) over Cincinnati:

Houston (-3) over Tennessee

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