The Degenerates call and I answer (Dec. 5th)

We’re back!

All you addicts out there that have been losing money like Remo Gaggi, I’m finally back and ready to deepen those wallets!  You won’t need an ATM, I’ll be your Huckleberry.

If you’re keeping track on the season, Casey G picks have a record of 18-16-2 while TL Graham picks have a record of 15-18-2.  Brilliance is a cologne best served cold (what?).

Casey G Picks:



Taking Washington HOME +3.5 over St. Louis

The ever-enigmatic and controversial QB (RG3) is benched, leading the way for the Lance Harbor, Texas boy, Colt McCoy (a better “Friday Night Lights” QB name there has never been).


I like Mountain Dew.


Taking Jacksonville HOME +6.5 over Houston

Strange things are afoot at the Circle J (Jacksonville).

This is the time of year when Fantasy seasons fall apart and betting lines make no sense, someone’s spoiling a perfectly fitting Prom dress in Houston this Sunday.  Not to mention, Houston’s on a roll beating Tennessee last week by a million while Ryan Fitzpatrick had more TD passes than Tom Cruise has mock-turtleneck shirts, so they’re poised for a let-down game.


Taking Indy -3.5 @ Cleveland

I feel like this forced QB controversy in Cleveland is completely a chemistry confusing, bi-product of the fact that the Browns have been playing all season with house money.  NO ONE (including Cleveland fans) thought they’d be 7-5 and tied for 2nd place on the AFC North ClusterF@%$ of a division.


Taking Carolina +10 @ New Orleans

New Orleans is so back and forth right now I have no idea what to think of them.  Cam Newton’s Panthers are OVER-due for a win, not seeing the plus side of a win column since week 5.  This seems like a guaranteed win for New Orleans, but it’s a MUST WIN for Carolina.


Taking Minnesota HOME -6 over Rex Ryan’s Former Team

I can’t pick against the Jets enough times this season, this team is terrible.  Last week they ran the ball 49 times, while Geno Smith threw 7-13 and STILL managed to throw an INT late in the game.  What’s they’re game plan this week, punt on 2nd down and hope for a muffed catch?


T.L Graham’s picks:

 Florida State (-4.) over Georgia Tech:

With everything going on with “Famous” Jameis, he’ll still have it together to overcome Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game.


Baylor (-7) over Kansas State:

Baylor is playing for all of the marbles here. If they can win, and win big over K-State, that should be enough to leap frog TCU and get into the playoffs.


Wisconsin (-4.5) over Ohio State:

Not too sure how the third string quarterback will do starting for Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship Game.

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