Week 15 picks (Dec. 13th)

Casey G now stands at a solid 19-19-3 overall this season.

T.L. Graham now stands at 16-20-2 overall this season.

Proof once again that even the most educated, motivated and well-researched individual still cant beat the house.  Vegas is good at what they do folks, they’re really good.

So without any excuses, the Week 15 picks:

Casey G picks:


Taking Pittsburgh -3 AWAY over Atlanta

Atlanta’s entire receiving core is limping around the practice field like a 3-legged puppy up for adoption.  Big Ben is gonna sling it all over Hotlanta.


Taking New England -9 @ HOME over Miami

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL right now, don’t get it twisted.  Miami plays terrible in New England, it’s too cold for Dolphins in the great white MASS.


Taking Tampa Bay +3.5 AWAY over Carolina

Cam Newton is hurt and out for the season, he’s Carolina’s entire team.  Jonathan “Daily Show” Stewart can’t run for 3 TDs and 200 yards EVERY game the rest of the way, he also can’t throw the ball.  It’s hard to play football with no QB, just ask the Jags or the Raiders or the Vikings or the Jets.

That’s my favorite Jets highlight reel.


Taking Denver -5 AWAY over San Diego

Denver has to get back on track somewhere, and who better to take it in the whale’s……….then the Chargers.  Old Scowl-Face QB in San Diego can’t do it all himself, EVERY RB the chargers throw on the field gets injured within 5 plays.  Denver also will get TE fenom, Julius Thomas back this week, he’ll look to make up for lost time.


Taking Seattle -10 @ HOME over San Francisco

San Francisco is on the verge of breaking off from the NFC West and falling into the Bay.  Harbaugh is about two seconds from cutting his effing ear off.  Colin Kaepernick overthrows EVERY pass with the accuracy of Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

We suck again.


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