Weekly Winners for You Degenerates (October 10th)

For those keeping score at home, let me drop some serious KNOWLEDGE on you:

Casey Gutting’s picks:  7 Wins, 3 Losses & 1 Push (I gave a bonus pick last week, go CSU!!!)

T.L. Graham’s picks:  3 Wins, 6 Losses & 1 Push

Get out your wallet, call Morrie (your bookie), get ready to open up that can of free-flowing cheddar spread!!

Casey G’s picks:



Taking Whale’s Vagina away -7.5 over Oakland/Poop-Town

Drink it up San Diego, it always goes down smooth.  The Chargers have covered the last 2 weeks and the Raiders are a terrible excuse for a football team.  I’d take the Alabama Crimson Tide over Oakland with this spread.


Taking Green Bay away -3 over South Beach

Green Bay has finally started to click offensively on all cylinders, Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy are dialed in like a Zack Morris phone on crack.  Enjoy the weather in Miami while you can Green Bay.



Taking Denver away -9.5 over New York/New Jersey/Toilet Bowl

This game will be a joke, no amount of preparation can save Michael Vick or Geno Smith from the gauntlet that awaits in the form of an orange and blue giant horse.  Hey Eric Decker, how you liking that choice to take the money and run to the east coast?  Yeah, you should probably just sit this one out with your “bad hamstring”.




Taking Temple @ home -17.5 over Tulsa

Once again I ask the question, Hurricanes in Tulsa!?!?


Taking Florida St. away -24.5 over Syracuse

Florida St. comes in as the #1 team in the country, ready to solidify their seat at the lead table by putting a hurt on the Cuse tomorrow.  With so many top 10 upsets last week, Florida St. needs to make a big statement this weekend to remind everyone how dominant they can be.  The 24.5 point spread is a big, lofty goal, but the wise-guy money tells me this  number could be even higher.  Unless they decide to play basketball instead of football, Cuse doesn’t stand a chance.

T.L. Graham’s picks:


TCU (+8) Over Baylor:

Big game in the Big 12. TCU looks tough after holding on for the win against Oklahoma. This should be a great game.

Mississippi State (+3) over Auburn:

Dak Prescott looks like the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy right now. The Bulldogs beat Alabama and they can beat Auburn.

USC (-2.5) over Arizona:

Rich Rodriguez has his program running in the right direction (why couldn’t he do this at Michigan?). Freshman, Anu Solomon, looks like he might be the cream of the crop when it comes to PAC-12 quarterbacks, after out performing Marcus Mariota last week. USC is looking for revenge after loosing on a Hail Mary play against Arizona State.


Green Bay (-3) over Miami:

“R-E-L-A-X. “ If Green Bay wins the Super Bowl this year, this quote by Aaron Rodgers will go down in history just like the famous Tebow quote, when he guaranteed that Florida would win the national championship.


Atlanta (-3) over Chicago:

Can’t trust Cutler. He throws too many interceptions for someone who is supposed to be “elite.” Plus it’s hard to pick against the Falcons when they are at home with the receivers that they have.


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