This Derrick Rose Thing Is Weird

College football is over, the NFL is winding down, although still very much a headline grabber for every sports media outlet.  Very soon all we’ll have left to complain about is “The Orange Is The New Black” in the White House and college/NBA basketball.

Just to get us warmed up, I introduced you all to the newest rising star in the NBA last week, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks (he’s my new NBA man-crush, bare with me).


Transitioning from the fun and exciting to the strange and progressively odd, let’s talk the Knicks’ Derrick Rose.  Reportedly, Rose was a no-call-no-show for the Pelicans game a few nights ago, citing “family issues” as the reason he went completely MIA and off the grid for 24 hours.

More reports have surfaced today about the incident, expanding on the details of this emerging story. reported:

Rose, according to two independent sources who spoke to the Daily News on the condition of anonymity, was such an emotional wreck Monday afternoon that his only solution was to abruptly leave the Knicks to be with his mother and his son.

In fact, Rose’s state of mind was such that for a brief time he talked about walking away from basketball for an extended period of time to clear his mind. That seems hard to believe since Rose is only 28 years old and could land a lucrative free agent contract this summer, something he talked about two years ago.

Derrick Rose sounds like a troubled young man, you can tell by his body-language and his general depressing demeanor.  Family issues are always tough, I would imagine even more amplified for professional athletes, but going completely off the grid with no communication is completely unacceptable behavior for any professional business or sports franchise at any level.   The Knicks need to cut/trade Rose or put him on extended leave from the team and let him get his personal life together.  The moment that a player talks about “walking away from basketball” at the age of 28, especially a former MVP who’s career has tanked lately due to injury, the sad truth is there’s no way that Rose is mentally stable enough to contribute to a team’s success or even be a decent teammate right now, much less a leader or effective point guard.

It’s hard to remember some times that professional athletes are real people with real emotional problems, Derrick Rose is a tough kid from the projects of Chicago who’s outlet (seemingly) has always been basketball.  Since his injury problems and eventual trade from his home town of Chicago to New York, he hasn’t been the same player on the court, and I would imagine it’s finally taken it’s toll on him off the court.  Maybe he’s hit the breaking point mentally?

2016 was a tumultuous year for Rose, he was traded from Chicago to New York and basically told by his home town team that they were done waiting on him to recover from his multiple injuries/surgeries, essentially cutting bait of him and making him some one else’s problem.  Then there was the very public rape case that he was eventually found not-liable for…..


Have you ever seen a rape case get thrown out, that leads into a photo shoot between the defendant and the jurors?!?!?  Well, you have now:


Jurors John and Jared pose with Derrick Rose and his attorney, Mark Baute, in the lobby of the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. The jury had cleared Rose in the civil trial earlier in the day. Photo: Diana Moskovitz/Deadspin

Several articles have come out over the last few days concerning this topic, it seems like the media snowball is rolling and picking up steam on the Knicks point guard.  I’m sure more details and insight will continue to surface, this may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Just for entertainment purposes (and a gag reflex), check out Greg Anthony’s take on the situation here.

Just to clarify, Greg Anthony isn’t the most credible source to be discussing “unacceptable behavior”.  


Community Service erases crimes right?

Maybe somebody should tell Mr. Anthony to take a seat on this one?


You Should Know Giannis Antetokounmpo

Pronounced “YAN-iss  AH-DEN-de-Koombo”.

Say it with me now……Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Well done.

“The Greek Freak” or sometime known as “The Alphabet”,  is the latest superstar to emerge in the NBA, albeit for a team (Milwaukee Bucks) that casual NBA fans probably thought was an NBDL squad up until reading this article.  Sorry Milwaukee, but most people couldn’t find you on a map if their life depended on it.  You’re the Delaware of the midwest.

Just to clarify that video clip, check out where he took off from for that dunk………….Giannis is a silky-smooth 7’0″, 220 lb comic-book athlete with the grace and length of a Princess Diana-Simpsons hybrid creature gifted to our basketball community from Hermes (Greek God of Athletics) himself.

  • If you don’t get that reference it’s ok, I’ll spell it out for you…..Princess Diana was extremely graceful and known for her beauty and poise, while The Simpsons is the longest running scripted TV show in the history of the boob-tube.  Diana=grace, The Simpsons=length….got it?  Grace and Length. 

He’s been compared to Russell Westbrook due to his explosive and unprecedented athleticism.  Some have put him in the Kevin Durant category due to his incredible length and ability.  There’s been mention of classics like George Gervin and even Magic Johnson.  But in my mind only one comparison truly fits, Scottie Pippen 2.0 or as I like to call him, “Scottie Pippen Part 2 –  If a Gazelle Could Ice Skate”.

If you stood Giannis side-by-side next to Kristaps Porzingas and told them to group hug the USC marching band, their palms would touch in Australia and their fingers would interlock off the coast of Madagascar.

According to , Giannis is officially a “Shooting Guard and Small Forward and Point Guard”:


He can guard any position on the floor, he can score from anywhere on the floor and at only 22 years old, he’s leading his Bucks in basically every category this season at 23.9 ppg, 9.1 rpg and 5.8 apg, pushing hard (and well-deserved) for an all-star spot in 2017.

NBA scouts often use a word that can be the kiss of death for some while being evaluated, that word is “potential”.  In some cases this word is code for an incredible athlete who has a lot of work to do in specific skill-sets and/or the mental game needs to vastly improve.  But in this case, the “potential” for Giannis is off the charts, even if the outlier reference-point is Russell Westbrook.  There’s no kiss of death “potential” for “The Greek Freak”, in the immortal words of Biggie Smalls, the sky is the limit.



2017 College Football Re-Rankings

Reranking the New Year’s Top Ten Teams

(originally posted on

Not only do we now have two finalists for the College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T and a clear No. 1 and No. 2 heading into Monday’s game (8 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN App) between Alabama and Clemson, we also have a completed season for everyone else.

We know more now than we did on Dec. 4, when the CFP selection committee laid out the semifinals and the rest of the New Year’s Six bowls, decisions that weren’t devoid of controversy at the time. That means we can rework the speculation of the final CFP rankings into something that is (slightly) more objective, as the two human polls will do on Jan. 10.

So here’s a reranking of the 12 teams selected for the New Year’s Six bowls.

1. Alabama

The struggling passing game sent up an itty-bitty red flag, and it’s difficult not to raise an eyebrow at offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin’s sudden departure for his new job and the elevation of Steve Sarkisian. But the result of the CFP semifinal at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl was nonetheless a decisive 24-7 takedown of Washington. The Crimson Tide are the defending national champions, and as they look to become the first 15-0 team in college football history, they are the kings until someone else takes the throne.

2. Clemson

The Tigers’ 31-zip domination of Ohio State was spectacular football in all phases. Quarterback Deshaun Watson and his team seem to be peaking at the right time, riding late-season momentum after they suffered their only defeat, a stunner to Pittsburgh. It’s not difficult to make a case that Clemson is a more complete team than Alabama. It’s also not difficult to wonder what Watson might do for an encore in a championship rematch against another outstanding Crimson Tide defense, particularly with receiver Mike Williams healthy and available this year. Clemson can propel itself upward one spot with a fairly obvious accomplishment Monday.

3. USC

Maybe it’s an emotional reaction to the Trojans winning truly one of the most entertaining games you’ll ever, ever see — a 52-49 thriller over Penn State in the Rose Bowl, decided on the last play — but we’re promoting the Trojans over two playoff teams. Only Alabama and Oklahoma can eclipse USC’s nine-game winning streak, which also includes a win over Washington and a team that beat Ohio State (Penn State).

4. Penn State

Maybe it’s an emotional reaction to Penn State’s gutty effort in losing truly one of the most entertaining games you’ll ever, ever see, but we’re promoting the Nittany Lions, too. Here’s a guess we’re not the only ones whose opinions of this team are higher today after a bowl loss than they were before the Nittany Lions took on USC. And, well, they are the Big Ten champs.

5. Ohio State

Making a distinction between Ohio State and Washington is difficult, particularly with the Big Ten and Pac-12 being mostly bad-to-mediocre in the postseason and both teams getting whipped in CFP semifinals. The edge here comes down to the major criticism of the Huskies all season: their nonconference schedule. You can’t ignore that the Buckeyes posted the most impressive nonconference victory this year: a blowout win at Oklahoma, the Big 12 and Sugar Bowl champ.

6. Washington

The Huskies’ defense proved it was ready for prime time against Alabama, holding the Crimson Tide to 17 offensive points. The Huskies looked like just about everyone else against the Alabama defense, however, which was bad. While you could make a case that things might have been more competitive without several notable miscues, that can be said about just about every game. Washington proved itself as a good team this year, but it’s not yet in Alabama’s class.

7. Oklahoma

The Big 12 champs’ whipping of Auburn in the Sugar Bowl gave the conference a solid, perhaps partially vindicating, 4-2 bowl record. The Sooners took care of the No. 2 team in the SEC, and their in-state buddies in Stillwater stomped the Pac-12 South Division champ, Colorado. The Sooners’ much-maligned defense dominated Auburn, which might inspire some snarky “SEC offense” talk.

8. Florida State

The Seminoles provided the second-most-entertaining game of the postseason with their 33-32 win over Michigan in the Orange Bowl. Deondre Francois‘ 12-yard touchdown pass to Nyqwan Murray with 36 seconds left was the money play, but the money player was Dalvin Cook, who rushed for 145 yards and a touchdown. The Seminoles’ win should make up for a “down” 9-3 regular season and propel them toward another run at the ACC title next year.

9. Michigan

The Wolverines are back in Big Ten and national contention under coach Jim Harbaugh, no doubt, but the bottom line of this season is they lost three of four when it mattered most. Great teams find ways to win. Michigan found ways to lose at the end of the season.

10. Wisconsin

The Badgers could have embarrassed themselves by not taking Western Michigan seriously in the Cotton Bowl, but they took care of business in a 24-16 victory. The Badgers ended up as the Big Ten’s fourth-best team, but that still earned them a final top-10 ranking here. That said, our decision to drop the Badgers three spots despite their bowl win is in response to the CFP selection committee’s irrational exuberance for the Big Ten, which went 3-7 this bowl season.

More Memorable Videos of 2016, Sports And Otherwise

The end of the year lists continue, enjoy this 10 minute time-waster:

Chris Jones took a stumble at the end of his 40-yard run, mostly due to his dick falling out of his shorts:

Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play call on MNF when a moron runs on the field:

Blue Jays vs Rangers Fight:

Ana Navarro leads a chaotic discussion on CNN with Trump Supporters:

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is speechless:

Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State, game winning TD:



Football Fan Fights Of 2016

As the year ends and we all reflect upon the ups, the downs, the itches, the scratches, the zigs and the zags, and the many, many drunken decisions we may have botched during past 365 days, one fact remains true EVERY single year; drunk football fans love to throw bows and knuckle up when they feel they’re shitty team has been disrespected.

With the help of the world wide interwebs, I’ve collected a few of the highlighted fan-fights from the past year.  Enjoy.

JAGS vs. BEARS (combined 6-24 records)

DOLPHINS vs 49ERS (Niners fans are so cute)

CHIEFS vs RAIDERS (sons even a mother couldn’t love)

MIAMI vs WEST VIRGINIA (College’s equivalent of RAIDERS vs CHIEFS)

sidenote: so many good things in this video, the WVU fan had a prosthetic leg……and the Miami fan gave him the “club punch”, punch and run!  Do you see the irony?

CARDINALS vs 49ers (seeing a theme here with SF fans?)

GIANTS vs EAGLES (Giants fan gets knocked out in front of his GF)

RAIDERS vs RAIDERS (is there anything MORE Raiders than this?)




It’s A Slow Day In Sports

Where The Fuck Are This Girl’s Legs?

Photo credit: Reddit

(originally posted on deadspin)

“The internet is going crazy over this insane optical illusion.” It’s the sentence that’s started a million blogs in the past and will continue to start a million blogs in the future—and for good reason. Because where the fuck are this girl’s legs?

As you can see, there are six girls, five sets of legs, at least two alcoholic beverages, and no one who appears to be 21.

After the issue was brought to our attention by Business Insider, the staff of Deadspin engaged in a heated debate that tested the very fabric of our already fraught and tenuous working relationships.


Much to all of our chagrin, it appears that Samer was initially right. If you look closely, and as Reddit pointed out, you’ll notice that, all the way to the left, there are actually two sets of black pants that merely appear to be one. Messing with the photo a bit helps make that more readily apparent.

Still not convinced? Allow me to enhance:

Six sets of legs. Six girls. And yet, one question remains:

Some answers are not meant to be known.

Go Packers.

NFL Week 16: WTF Just Happened?

The NFL regular season is all but finished, with only the Wild Card spots left to be determined……..well, also seeding, general rankings, home field advantage and if Mike Tomlin will whoop Terrry Bradhsaw’s country-ass when he sees him this summer.  

The biggest news from the weekend:

  •  Buffalo said goodbye to the Rex Ryan Experiment, ending a reign of mediocre football sauteed in a Ryan Brothers whiskey sauce that even Patrick Hammer would be proud of.  (Now that’s what you call a sub-reference)
Rob & Rex Ryan at Easter

Rob & Rex Ryan at Easter

  • The Oakland Raiders woke up from the best dream any of them have had in 14 years, when Derek Carr broke in half.  There goes any Super Bowl hopes and dreams for 2016-17, Matt Mcgloin is NOT the guy, sorry to say.


  • The Playoff C.F. is C.F.-ed A.F. (so many teenager-abbreviations):


1. New England Patriots (13-2). The New York Jets weren’t even a speed bump on the Patriots’ road to the AFC playoffs. If they win or if the Raiders lose in Week 17, the Patriots will secure the No. 1 seed in the AFC field. The worst they can do is end up at No. 2.

2. Oakland Raiders (12-3). Oakland clinched its spot in Week 15. If the Raiders win at Denver or the Chiefs lose at San Diego in Week 17, the Raiders will be AFC West champions. Of course, the bigger issue right now for Oakland is that it is going to have to play its postseason games with Matt McGloin or Connor Cook at quarterback.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5). A brilliant Ben Roethlisberger comeback against the Ravens on Sunday night clinched the Steelers’ second division title in three years and eliminated Baltimore. Pittsburgh will host a playoff game on Jan. 7 or 8.

4. Houston Texans (9-6). When Cincinnati place-kicker Randy Bullock‘s attempt for a winning field goal sailed wide right on Saturday night, it made Houston champion of the AFC South for the second year in a row. The Texans’ Week 17 game in Nashville now has no relevance.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4). The Chiefs can still claim the AFC West, but they need to beat San Diego in Week 17 and hope the Raiders lose in Denver.

6. Miami Dolphins (10-5). After a 1-4 start, the Dolphins have won nine of their past 10 games. And Miami clinched a playoff spot with Denver’s loss to Kansas City on Sunday night.

Surging: Miami’s regular-season finale on Sunday is at home against the Patriots. That meeting offers the Dolphins a chance to show themselves — and the Patriots — that they can play with New England. In Week 2 at Foxborough — before Miami’s offensive line came together and Jay Ajayi emerged — Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett and the Patriots built a 31-3 lead on the Dolphins and held on to win 31-24.

Slipping: Houston’s AFC South rivals had rough outings on Sunday. The Tennessee Titans lost their quarterback, lost a game to the 3-12 Jacksonville Jaguars and lost a potential playoff spot. The Indianapolis Colts were defeated in Oakland and eliminated from postseason contention even before Houston played. The Texans took care of their own business in an ugly game on Saturday night, but they already had received some help in the form of disappointing performances from the two teams behind them.

Worth noting: The Steelers are a perennial playoff team, but it hasn’t been easy. This is only the second time they’ve won their division since 2010. Their 2014 team was a division champion as well.


1. Dallas Cowboys (13-2). Dallas has everything wrapped up that can be wrapped up — a division title, a bye and home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. When the Cowboys get back from Philadelphia on Sunday night, they won’t have to leave Texas again all season. (Super Bowl LI is in Houston.) The only question for the Cowboys is what to do about resting and/or protecting their players or keeping them fresh for January games.

2. Atlanta Falcons (10-5). With their win and the Buccaneers’ loss, the Falcons have clinched the NFC South. And thanks to Seattle’s loss, Atlanta has a chance to clinch the No. 2 seed in the conference and a first-round bye with a Week 17 home victory over the Saints.

3. Seattle Seahawks (9-5-1). They came all the way back and somehow still lost a home game to the Arizona Cardinals because of a missed extra point. Seattle is the NFC West champion, but it might have cost itself a chance at a first-round bye. As of now, the Seahawks would have to play three games (with at least one on the road) just to reach the Super Bowl.

4. Green Bay Packers (9-6). Green Bay is technically the NFC North leader at the moment. The Packers are tied with the Lions for first place but beat them head-to-head. The teams face off again in Week 17 at Detroit, and the winner will be division champ. The loser can still get in but would need help. Specifically, if the Packers lose, they would still be a wild-card team if Washington and the Buccaneers both lose. The Packers also could sneak in as a wild card if Washington loses and Green Bay clinches the strength-of-victory tiebreaker over Tampa. To do that, the Packers need any one of the following four teams to lose in Week 17: San Francisco, Tennessee, Indianapolis or Dallas. But the main point here is: win and the Packers are in as a division champ.

5. New York Giants (10-5). The Giants didn’t get it done on Thursday against the Eagles, but the Saints helped them out by beating the Buccaneers, which allowed the Giants to clinch a spot in the NFC field. The Giants are locked into the No. 5 seed no matter what. They cannot improve or weaken their seeding, and they will open the playoffs at the home field of whichever team finishes in the No. 4 spot.

6. Detroit Lions (9-6). This is the most fragile seeding in the whole picture. Having lost Monday night in Dallas, Detroit still has a chance to finish as NFC North champ and will do so if it beats Green Bay on Sunday night. If Detroit loses Sunday, the Lions would need a Washington loss to get them in as a wild card.

Surging: Washington might have cost itself a playoff berth with its home loss in Week 15 to the Carolina Panthers, but it rebounded nicely Saturday and still is in the race. If Washington beats the Giants on Sunday — assuming the Detroit-Green Bay tilt doesn’t end in a tie — Washington will get in as a wild-card team.

Slipping: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t eliminated, but a ton has to happen for them to get in. They need to win. They need Washington to tie. They need Green Bay to lose. And they need all four of the following teams to win their Week 17 games: San Francisco, Tennessee, Indianapolis and Dallas. Sounds like next year for Tampa.

Worth noting: The Minnesota Vikings (7-8) started the season 5-0 but were eliminated from playoff contention with Saturday’s loss in Green Bay. They traded their first-round pick to the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford after Teddy Bridgewater got hurt, and now they face an early and uncertain offseason.

  • The Cleveland Browns won a game, now they have to live up to expectations……hahahahahahah, wait, no.  A winning streak to end the season at 2-14 is the NFL equivalent of the “Tallest Midget” syndrome.