I Think Amari Cooper Is Gonna Be GOOD

Normally there’s not a chance in hell that anyone would need/want/be forced to watch the Raiders preseason workouts.


But today a vine video of the newly drafted and soon to be traded (the count-down has started) of Amari Cooper burning up the turf and leaving a Corner Back twisting and turning like a merry-go-round proved that even in Raider country, there’s some excitement for the future.

He might be REALLY good, but Derek Carr will have be standing up-right to get him the damn ball.


Amari Cooper Seems Excited (?) to be in Oakland


The Raiders selected Alabama WR, Amari Cooper with the 4th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft and Mr. Cooper looks more excited than Rex Ryan at an all you can eat pork and beans buffet.

The Raiders posted the photo online and called it Amari’s “game face”, OR maybe he just realized this wasn’t a nightmare and he really did get drafted by the worst franchise in the NFL.