This Derrick Rose Thing Is Weird

College football is over, the NFL is winding down, although still very much a headline grabber for every sports media outlet.  Very soon all we’ll have left to complain about is “The Orange Is The New Black” in the White House and college/NBA basketball.

Just to get us warmed up, I introduced you all to the newest rising star in the NBA last week, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks (he’s my new NBA man-crush, bare with me).


Transitioning from the fun and exciting to the strange and progressively odd, let’s talk the Knicks’ Derrick Rose.  Reportedly, Rose was a no-call-no-show for the Pelicans game a few nights ago, citing “family issues” as the reason he went completely MIA and off the grid for 24 hours.

More reports have surfaced today about the incident, expanding on the details of this emerging story. reported:

Rose, according to two independent sources who spoke to the Daily News on the condition of anonymity, was such an emotional wreck Monday afternoon that his only solution was to abruptly leave the Knicks to be with his mother and his son.

In fact, Rose’s state of mind was such that for a brief time he talked about walking away from basketball for an extended period of time to clear his mind. That seems hard to believe since Rose is only 28 years old and could land a lucrative free agent contract this summer, something he talked about two years ago.

Derrick Rose sounds like a troubled young man, you can tell by his body-language and his general depressing demeanor.  Family issues are always tough, I would imagine even more amplified for professional athletes, but going completely off the grid with no communication is completely unacceptable behavior for any professional business or sports franchise at any level.   The Knicks need to cut/trade Rose or put him on extended leave from the team and let him get his personal life together.  The moment that a player talks about “walking away from basketball” at the age of 28, especially a former MVP who’s career has tanked lately due to injury, the sad truth is there’s no way that Rose is mentally stable enough to contribute to a team’s success or even be a decent teammate right now, much less a leader or effective point guard.

It’s hard to remember some times that professional athletes are real people with real emotional problems, Derrick Rose is a tough kid from the projects of Chicago who’s outlet (seemingly) has always been basketball.  Since his injury problems and eventual trade from his home town of Chicago to New York, he hasn’t been the same player on the court, and I would imagine it’s finally taken it’s toll on him off the court.  Maybe he’s hit the breaking point mentally?

2016 was a tumultuous year for Rose, he was traded from Chicago to New York and basically told by his home town team that they were done waiting on him to recover from his multiple injuries/surgeries, essentially cutting bait of him and making him some one else’s problem.  Then there was the very public rape case that he was eventually found not-liable for…..


Have you ever seen a rape case get thrown out that leads into a photo shoot between the defendant and the jurors?!?!?  Well, you have now:


Jurors John and Jared pose with Derrick Rose and his attorney, Mark Baute, in the lobby of the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. The jury had cleared Rose in the civil trial earlier in the day. Photo: Diana Moskovitz/Deadspin

Several articles have come out over the last few days concerning this topic, it seems like the media snowball is rolling and picking up steam on the Knicks point guard.  I’m sure more details and insight will continue to surface, this may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Just for entertainment purposes (and a gag reflex), check out Greg Anthony’s take on the situation here.

Just to clarify, Greg Anthony isn’t the most credible source to be discussing “unacceptable behavior”.  


Community Service erases crimes right?

Maybe somebody should tell Mr. Anthony to take a seat on this one?


NBA Highlights From Last Night That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Cry Again.

The NBA is in full swing, going into the 4th week of mostly terrible, beginning of the season, all-star-game-quality-defense basketball, unless you’re a Golden State Warriors fan.  Damn they’re good.

Last night barraged us with several worthy highlights that would make the Top 10 and the NOT Top 10 lists.  He’s a quick overview:

–Normally I’d never discuss a Timberwolves @ Magic highlight for any reason other than horrific injuries or Yeti sightings.  But last night the two possible playoff 8-seeds had a game-winner scenario hit by the French-est of NBA Frenchman, Evan Fournier (don’t google the french meaning of his last name, I promise).

In my head as I watched this, Fournier screamed out, “RASBERRY CREPES!” when the ball went through the cylinder for the go-ahead bucket.

–Dallas Mavs @ Boston Celtics game last night, Kelly Olynyk pulled out a Dirk Nowitzki ON Dirk Nowitzki!

Olynyk looks like someone….but i can’t quite put my finger on who:


–Toronto Raptors’ guard and dunk-machine, Demar DeRozen put the Utah Jazz’s posterized-big man, Rudy Gobert INTO THE BASKET with this ridiculous, man-hood reducing dunk last night:

–Dion Waiters of the OKC Thunder has a growing problem, missing wide open layups.  This happened last night as the OKC Thunder took on the New Orleans Hornets:

Dion did the same thing in January of last season:

And AGAIN last January:

 –The Phoenix Suns took on the Chicago Bulls in Chicago last night.  It was a solid, efficient, nothing-flashy kind of game on both sides with Chicago grinding out the win.  Jimmy Butler (killin it) finished with 32 points for the game, with 14 of them coming in the 4th quarter.  The REAL highlight is the fact that yet again, Derrick Rose is hurt and on the sideline, NOT in uniform for Chicago.  When is enough…..enough?  If you’re a Chicago fan, when do you break ties?  Sidenote:  Jimmy Butler is the best player on this team, he’s better than Derrick Rose now.  Deal with it.  

Derrick Rose Could Be In Some Trouble


TMZ is reporting that Derrick Rose has been sued by a woman who claims Rose and two of his friends “drugged and gang raped her.”  The woman has remained anonymous to the public so far, although she claims that she and Rose dated off and on for several years.

According to TMZ’s report:

Rose’s accuser says the two continued to date until August 2013, when Rose and two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton (who is also Rose’s personal manager), invited her to Rose’s Beverly Hills house. She says there, they slipped a drug into her drink with the aim of raping her.

The plaintiff says she escaped the house with a friend, but later that night, Rose and his friends broke into her apartment and gang raped her while she was incapacitated. She says she remembers only “flashes” of the incident, but can remember the defendants forcibly raping her.

The accuser has said that she waited two years to take action because she was “ashamed and embarrassed” about it and worried about her “conservative family” finding out about the situation.

Derrick Rose and his attorneys have not made any public statements yet.

No matter how you shake this out, it’s bad for D-Rose, not to mention the accuser/victim.  I really hope the truth comes out and justice is served for all involved.  But the cynical side of me knows that isn’t always the case.

As If You Need a Reminder (the greatest waste of 20 minutes for the weekend)

NBA fans who had the privilege of seeing Michael Jordan play in real life, in REAL form, would all agree with me that he and his game will always be sorely missed.

If you are under the age of 30 and/or didn’t have an older sibling, or parental figure to educate you about the man’s legacy, then stop reading this right now and go youtube, or google, or Lougle, or whatever the hell you kids are doing to waste time these days…….search “Michael Jordan Greatest Moments”.  

***Sidenote:  I will not argue with you or anyone that looks like you; the greatness of MJ as compared to any player that came AFTER him until Lebron gets 6 rings.  THEN and ONLY THEN, I will entertain the LBJ vs. MJ argument.  Until that time, don’t bother me with that BS.  Go sniff some glue and do some molly, the DJ is playing your favorite terrible mash-up.    

Anyway, there’s no reason for this posting tonight, other than the fact that basketball season is over, football hasn’t started and baseball before the all-star break is just plain boring.

So with that intro, I give you the two most random yet amazingly great MJ highlights that you probably never saw.

Tiger Woods can thank MJ for giving him the post-win celebration: single-fist-pump-and-stare idea that classed up a game-winner forever.

Also, this is the weirdest and most 80’s MJ video ever conceived by a human:

Jordan’s Rookie Nike Shoes Sold for $71,553 at Auction

Speaking as a recovering sneakerhead (I’m on step 9, the “apology level”)  even I can’t imagine spending almost 72 Geeeeeez on a damn pair of shoes.  Although…….they are signed and dated by MJ too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.40.32 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.40.53 PM

The average cost of a pair of Jordans in 2014 was estimated at $194 (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  Yes I am), so just to be clear; the new owner of these Rookie Jordans could have bought roughly 368 pairs of BRAND NEW J’s and still take us out for pizza at Sbarro in the Mall Food Court.

Rip Hamilton Officially Announces his Retirement from the NBA

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “He wasn’t retired already?”

Rip hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2012-2013 season, so no disrespect to my main man Richard Hamilton (cause he was a baller), but you’ve BEEN retired.

Hamilton played 921 games in the NBA averaging 17.1 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.4 assists with Washington, Detroit and Chicago.  Rip was selected with the 7th overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft, he was an NCAA National Champion with Uconn in 1999, a consensus NCAA All-American twice, he was a 3-time NBA All-Star, he won an NBA title with the Pistons in 2004.

Rip was one of the best I’ve ever seen at coming off screens for a catch & shoot situation, he was impossible to guard off the ball and seemingly NEVER ran out of energy.  He was always moving, never stagnant and could drop a jumper in your eyeball if you gave him an inch of space.

It’s Groundhog Day EVERY Day in Chicago

Derrick Rose injured his right knee and will require surgery……again, no wait, AGAIN.

Let’s take a quick look at the career timeline of one of the most athletic point guards I’ve ever seen, like we’re watching one of those historical war documentaries, directed by Clint Eastwood or Ken Burns.

  • 2008-2009, Derrick Rose wins the NBA Rookie of the Year award.


  • 2009-2010, Derrick Rose plays in his first NBA All-Star game.

2010 NBA All Star Game

  • 2010-2011, Derrick Rose wins the NBA MVP Award.


  • May 2012, Derrick Rose has surgery to repair torn ACL in his left knee.


  • November 2013, Derrick Rose has surgery to repair torn meniscus in his right knee.


  • February 2015, Derrick Rose will have surgery to repair torn meniscus in his right knee.


Bill Walton Has Finally Said the STUPIDEST thing I’ve EVER Heard

During the Oregon/USC Men’s basketball game yesterday, Bill Walton reached the pinnacle of his basketball TV commentary career, far exceeding any level of incoherent, weed-induced, jibberish I ever thought he could mouth-spew.

Walton started by saying:

“Jordan isn’t even one of the top three NBA players of all time.”

Then Bill dropped more knowledge on us:

“Michael Jordan was average in terms of size, strength, speed and jumping ability.”

My ears are bleeding right now.  This reminds me of the time that my Salt Lake City, Utah cousin-in-law tried to explain to me “What a hipster really is.” – I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

How do I attack these statements without losing control of my bowels and projectile vomiting all over my desk?

Maybe I should mention that MJ has six NBA championships to Bill’s two?  Or that UNIVERSALLY, Michael Jordan is considered the best player in the history of the game or AT LEAST top 3 of all time, by EVERY PEER he ever played with!  Every player in the league right now grew up wanting to BE Michael Jordan, has anyone on earth ever said, “I wanna be Bill Walton when I grow up”?????  No, No, that’s too easy.

How about the fact that Bill Walton was/is still the slowest, whitest, most non-athletic, arthritic redwood tree-stump of a Center in the history of the NBA?  So maybe he shouldn’t comment on someone’s athleticism, strength and jumping ability?


You look like Teen-Wolf

No, No, again that’s too easy.

Maybe I should talk about how Bill has SO OBVIOUSLY smoked himself retarded at this point, that ESPN and ABC have completely removed him from any TV commentating of ANY realm of significance what-so-ever, reducing him to doing the bottom of the barrel PAC-12 games??

“YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS PLAYING BASKETBALL…….so we literally have no excuse left to let you commentate games”, said EVERY ESPN executive EVER.

Maybe that’s a little harsh.

How about this argument:

SHUT THE F#&K UP BILL WALTON!  No one cares what you have to say about ANYTHING!  You’re a burnt out, old hippie that stumbled back into our basketball world on your way to a Greatful Dead concert that’s been cancelled for 20 years!

Leave us alone, we don’t want to buy some hash from you, we’re not interested in any of your glass-blown pipes that you’re selling out of your guitar case, there is LITERALLY NOTHING that you could say to us that we will find interesting OR relevant to ANYTHING.



Please, please ESPN……….the people of this basketball world are begging you, just tell Bill to go sit down somewhere.  This is embarrassing.