Willie Mays-Hayes Sighting in Atlanta As “The Freeze”

If you have siblings, and you were blessed by the good lord (praise be, under his eye) to be the oldest one of the bunch, you will revell in this athletic display of rivalry-dominance:

The 12-year-old, alpha-pre-teen version of myself mercilessly instituted a similar game plan with my younger brother when he was 5 or 6 years old (or however much younger he is than me, I’m the older brother so I can’t be bothered with dates and birthdays):

“I’ll give ya a 30 second head-start” was as classic as “I’ll play left-handed” or “I promise I won’t block your shot” or the ultimate: “Go deep…..keep going….yeah deeper….yeah keep going….yeah keep running….”

“The Freeze” will be running the basepaths and hitting lead-off for the Cleveland Indians within the week, you can guarantee it.



Seriously Bro? You Have One Job To Do….ONE!

After an Alex Rios homerun last night, the Cleveland Indians “COO of Fireworks and Other Flammable Products” set off a bunch of sky-rockets celebrating the feet of strength.  There’s only one problem here, Alex Rios plays for the Kansas City Royals……NOT the home-town Cleveland Indians!

COME ON MAN!  You have one thing on your to-do list: Set off fireworks when an Indian player hits a homer.  COME ON MAN!!!