The Best Baseball Has To Offer

Since I refuse to discuss anything further about “Deflategate”, I will turn to the only sport taking place right now in the depths of summer: BASEBALL.

In the last week or two, we’ve seen a few incredible plays that actually made me look up from my phone and think, “oh yeah, baseball season……huh, that’s nice”.

***Sidenote: My Red Sox are terrible and The Yankees, Royals, Angels, Cardinals, Dodgers and Nationals are leading their respective divisions…….slit my wrists, when does football start!?!?  At this pace, I won’t even watch the playoffs.***

So in case you missed it, here’s some decent baseball highlights that actually made me interested in something other than activating my fantasy football league:

  • Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar performing the dance of love in the middle infield

Here it is in real-time:

  • Brandon Philips pulling a Pete Maravich to end the inning and save a run


Here it is in real-time:

  • Mike Trout hits a grand slam into the “Trout Net”

  • The 2015 MLB baseball Hall of Fame Induction Speeches


  • Awesome catch by Mookie Betts robbing a homerun/causing a homerun

You can now go on with the rest of your baseball-free day, enjoy.



VHS Sports Highlight Videos Were the Best

If you’re between the ages of about 28-40 and you’re a sports fan, then you probably remember that true professional sports celebrity in the 80s and 90s was solely measured by how many highlight videos you were a part of.

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For those of you under the age of 28 (and didn’t have an older sibling), let me briefly explain:  a highlight video was mostly on VHS (the thing that looks like oversized music tapes made of plastic) OR if your family was rich/techy, the video was on Laser Disk (holy shit, it was a giant mini-disk…does anyone remember mini-disks?).  This was before the internet, before you could look up instant highlights all the time via youtube or any number of kinds of online content.

I feel it is my duty as an all-knowing, all-sports-nerd and fan of the 80s and 90s; that I should keep the tradition of poorly edited and overly dramatic highlight videos going somehow.  So without any more delay, I give you the “Sports Highlight Videos of the Past” of the day, here’s 12-15 minutes of quality time wasted:

and easily the worst song pick of ANY highlight video:

 More to come, stay tuned………