Uncle Drew is Back, And This Time He Has Friends With Him


It’s been two long years since Uncle Drew set foot on a basketball court and the basketball-under-world has hypothesized about when and where his return to the blacktop would be with more depth and cognitive vigor than a Michael Bay Martin Scorsese movie.

For those who are unfamiliar with Uncle Drew, let me educate you.  He’s an aging but never AGED, blacktop prophet who “gets buckets” on the hard courts of Anywhere, USA.  Where there’s a basketball court, Uncle Drew has played it, killed it, and taken his Centrum Silver 50+ vitamin with a prune juice chaser all over it.

He’s like the wind, he’s a street-ball version of Caine from Kung-Fu, he goes where the basketball-world places him….traveling on the wings of nothing but a song and pair of Nike Zoom hoop-shoes.  He’s been teaching young hoopster-imposters what REAL game is all about since before you were born, and just because he was born at night, doesn’t mean he was born LAST night.  Uncle Drew even has a facebook page.

The first sighting was several years ago in Bloomfield, New Jersey at the Clark’s Pond Courts:

“Don’t reach youngblood”…….the legend of Uncle Drew was born.

The hoops world exploded with questions.  Who is Uncle Drew?  Where did he come from?  What’s his story?  Did he know Elvis?  What was it like making the transition from peach baskets to metal rims?

No one had any answers….only more questions.  Uncle Drew would resurface a few months later in LA at the Jim Gilliam Park on Crenshaw.  And this time he brought his old friend Wes with him:

“Age is just a state of mind, Wes.” – Uncle Drew

“Basketball isn’t a game, it’s an art-form….you master the fundamentals so you can forget em.  So you can improvise and concentrate on what REALLY matters……getting…….BUCKETS.” – Uncle Drew

The next spiritual, basketball awakening was the following year in Chicago, Seward Park to be exact.

The truth is, Uncle Drew is a motivator, a true believer, and the Peter Pan of basketball.  His passion is contagious, his demeanor is unshakable and his game………IS ALWAYS ON POINT.


Uncle Drew sighting!  Miami, Florida…..Margaret Pace Park, less than 24 hours ago.  This video just surfaced on the internet:

“Basketball is a physical game, you’re gonna take hits.  The question is, how do you bounce back?  How do you get stronger?  Passion…..discipline…..and fundamentals.  Ya got that young bloods?” – Uncle Drew

Where will the playground legend turn up next?

Converse Changed The Game, But Not The Shoe

Converse hasn’t changed the aesthetic and simplistic perfection of their first and most iconic shoe, but they have adapted to the future FINALLY after 98 years.


Sneakerheads around the world (if they’re being honest) will all agree that the shoe game began with the Converse Chuck Taylor, it’s like the holy grail of sneakers.  If you consider yourself even a little bit old-school, then you own at least one pair of Chucks.

But what’s the real-world issue with Chucks?  The simple yet perfect style has always been there, but the comfortability, stability and cushion have always been a problem.  Seriously, how did dudes EVER hoop in these shoes!?!?

Converse (Nike) fixed the issues and managed to keep the integrity and classic-ness of the shoe.  It took almost 100 years and Nike buying Converse in 2003 to do it:


Technical shoe-talk: Designers concentrated on improving the shoe’s comfort and feel. They inserted a cushy Nike Lunarlon sock liner into the shoe, added a padded non-slip tongue, and a perforated micro-suede lining for moisture-wicking breathability.


The Converse Chuck II are made with a thicker premium canvas, an embroidered All Star logo on the inner heel, and debossed, painted eyelets.  But other than that, it’s the same classic style.  From a distance it’ll be hard to tell they’re anything but the original classics, except the person wearing them won’t be limping in pain.

They’re priced decently, $75 for the highs and $70 for the lows.  Although, a $5 difference between the two seems a little off to me, but maybe I’m being too picky.  They will be available July 28th.

Jordan’s Rookie Nike Shoes Sold for $71,553 at Auction

Speaking as a recovering sneakerhead (I’m on step 9, the “apology level”)  even I can’t imagine spending almost 72 Geeeeeez on a damn pair of shoes.  Although…….they are signed and dated by MJ too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.40.32 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.40.53 PM

The average cost of a pair of Jordans in 2014 was estimated at $194 (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  Yes I am), so just to be clear; the new owner of these Rookie Jordans could have bought roughly 368 pairs of BRAND NEW J’s and still take us out for pizza at Sbarro in the Mall Food Court.

Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

Today the greatest basketball player EVER turns 52, and I officially feel old.

Like most kids that grew up in the 80s and 90s, His Airness was my idol.  EVERY kid wanted to be him, every kid pretended they WERE HIM when they got on the blacktop at their school’s recess or in the driveway.

I remember sticking out my tongue as I drove the lane on my driveway hoop, catching god-knows-what in my mouth as I attempted a ridiculous, spinning, dipsy-do, reverse layup between my best buddies’ outstretched arms all while yelling out “Jordan” when I took the shot.  Most of the time I missed, but that wasn’t the point.

Jordan created COOL when he got in the league, he WAS the closest physical representation of Miles Davis’ BIRTH OF COOL album; calm, cool, melodic and aggressive at the same time and undeniably brilliant.

This dude wore GOLD CHAINS in the dunk contest his rookie year, JUST CAUSE HE COULD.


MJ walked cool, talked cool, jumped cool, and the way he effortlessly flew through the air like an F-16 was truly a vision of beauty.


Jordan was so good and so popular that kids in driveways in my neighborhood made a rule that “no one can be MJ” when we played basketball.  I’m not talking about in the form of video games, I’m talking about in REAL LIFE when we played pick-up in the driveway, NO ONE was allowed to pretend to be MJ, out of fear that somehow just by saying his name like the “Candyman”, your game would be elevated instantly and no one would be able to guard you.


There will never be another like him, he transcended sports to a level that will NEVER be seen again.

Happy birthday to my favorite player of all time, Michael “Air” Jordan, forever Chicago Bulls #23 will be hanging in the rafters in my head and my heart.

MJ Transcending Sports Culture:

MJ’s Top Dunks of All-Time:

MJ’s Top Ten Plays/Performances of All-Time:

Here’s a quick picture gallery of MJ throughout the years just to get you through the day:

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Stick a Fork in Him, cause Tiger’s ALL DONE (Overreaction Guy)

Over-reaction to terrible performances is as popular in sports as cheerleaders, beer, and cheerleaders holding beer.  BUT, I think (Overreaction Guy) it’s safe to say that we’ve seen the last of Tiger Woods being Tiger Woods.  He’s no where near what he was 10 years ago, and after several seasons of injuries, rehabs and swing adjustments, it’s fair to believe we’re watching the ghost of a formerly dominant athlete.

Much like an oversexed, burnt-out porn star, his performance at The Phoenix Open (Day one – 73, Day two – 82, missed the cut) and now at Torey Pines for the Farmers Insurance Open (he withdrew today when he reached the 12th hole due to a back injury), has shown exactly what’s been the obvious elephant in the room that no one wants to admit:  Tiger can’t get it up anymore.

And as one of my high school basketball coaches used to say, “Never up, never IN”.  He was of course referring to getting the proper arc on your jump-shot, but I feel like the metaphor works for life in general.

Come on Tiger, please get it together for one last push at greatness before your inevitable post-golf career in politics.

Nike confirms that Back to the Future II was just a big shoe advertisement

Nike confirmed that the Nike Air MAG would be dropping in the year 2015 to the public.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.37.32 PM

And sneakerheads all over the US rejoiced in chorus.  Nike invented the kicks that would change the game forever and advertised them wisely with teenager Marty McFly back in 1985 when he was accompanying his friend Doc Brown on their intergalactic, inter-space and time travel vacation documentary that blew the country away.

It’s 2015, where’s the rest of the the inventions from Back to the Future II??

hoverboard powerlaces-back-to-the-future texaco-bttf phones-bttf faxing-bttf fruit-bttf dog-walker-bttf PIZZA

Under Armour Messes Up Another Uniform; Nike Does Not.

Notre Dame revealed their new football uniforms for the upcoming season today. Being that the teams for the school are now being fitted by Under Armour (in what is the richest apparel contract in college sports), I wasn’t expecting much, and alas, I didn’t get much. Thankfully, they kept the home and away unis in their classic look.

Notre Dame Home Notre Dame Away

Where they go wrong is with their “Shamrock Series” alternate uniform. I guess I probably would not have a problem with this outfit if it weren’t for the helmet. Under Armour decided to spoil this pristine helmet by adding the interlocking “ND” to the sides.

Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uni

As the saying goes, “one bad apple spoils the bunch,” I say one bad helmet spoils the uni. They did add a nice under shirt to the uniform…

Notre Dame Under

…if you were taking part in The Crusades!


On the other hand, job well done Nike. The Arizona State “Desert Fuel” uniform was revealed yesterday. This uniform pays tribute to the copper history of Arizona, by adding copper to the color scheme of the anthracite alternate. Adidas and Under Armour take note: this is how you make a uniform.

Arizona State Desert Fuel Arizona State Copper Helmet