This is How Bad The Red Sox Season is Going

I mean in all seriousness, we wish all the best to John Farrell.  I’m sure the dumpster fire of a season for the Red Sox had nothing to do with him getting cancer:

**Originally posted by The Boston Globe**

Red Sox manager John Farrell reveals he has cancer

8/4/2015 - John Farrell announces his stage 1 lymphoma diagnosis to the media. (WBZ)


Red Sox manager John Farrell announced during Friday’s pregame press conference that he has lymphoma.



His usually commanding voice cracking with emotion, Red Sox manager John Farrell revealed Friday that he has been diagnosed with cancer and would step down for the remainder of the season.

The Stage 1 lymphoma was discovered Monday when the 53-year-old Farrell had surgery in Detroit to correct a hernia.

Treatment will begin immediately at Massachusetts General Hospital. Farrell described the cancer as being localized and highly curable.

“Thankfully, it was detected in the hernia surgery,” he said. “So I can honestly say I’m extremely fortunate it was found.”

Bench coach Torey Lovullo will manage the Red Sox over the final seven weeks of the season.

“It’s been a surreal four or five days,” said Farrell. “I never had one symptom before the notification of it.

“I take a step back and I’m extremely, extremely fortunate to be able to have caught this at this stage.”

Farrell had said Tuesday that he suffered the hernia while tossing his equipment bag following a game against the Yankees in New York on Aug. 6. Within four days, that led to the discovery of the cancer.

Farrell said a cancerous mass was removed at the time of the surgery. No additional surgery is needed, and he will begin at least nine weeks of chemotherapy next week.

Farrell said he had every intention of rejoining the team next season in time for spring training.

General manager Ben Cherington and Red Sox players David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia were present when Farrell made his startling announcement.

“John is an incredible human being,” Ortiz said. “In our situation, you’ve got 25 men in the room, and he’s got to put up with each one of us, every situation.

“I think it’s time for us to give him back that support and that much love that he gives to all of us. We’re going to ride through this with him.”

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