You Should All Be Watching FARGO on FX

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Fargo Is The Best Show On TV Because It’s The Coolest, Weirdest Place On TV

Fargo Is The Best Show On TV Because It's The Coolest, Weirdest Place On TV

The second season of FX’s anthology series Fargo is such a self-evidently excellent show—it’s the best thing on TV right now, for my money—that it’s hard to describe just how good it is. Watching a new episode unfold is a bit like watching the San Antonio Spurs run yet another flawless offensive set. Everything is so smartly executed and aesthetically pleasing that it feels like “Oh man, that’s great!” is all there is to say about it.

That isn’t true of the Spurs, of course, and it isn’t really true of Fargo, which in its second season under the care of showrunner Noah Hawley has become the rare platonic ideal of a famous movie’s TV adaptation. This has a lot to do with the writing, directing, and acting, of course, but the key to its greatness is how immediately familiar the characters and setting are. The original 1996 Coen Brothers screenplay brought to life a world so odd and alluring that it remains fertile ground for new characters and new stories…………to read more click here.

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