TBP of The Month (November 2015) : Uncle Drew


It’s been two long years since Uncle Drew set foot on a basketball court and the basketball-under-world has hypothesized about when and where his return to the blacktop would be with more depth and cognitive vigor than a Michael Bay Martin Scorsese movie.

For those who are unfamiliar with Uncle Drew, let me educate you.  He’s an aging but never AGED, blacktop prophet who “gets buckets” on the hard courts of Anywhere, USA.  Where there’s a basketball court, Uncle Drew has played it, killed it, and taken his Centrum Silver 50+ vitamin with a prune juice chaser all over it.

He’s like the wind, he’s a street-ball version of Caine from Kung-Fu, he goes where the basketball-world places him….traveling on the wings of nothing but a song and pair of Nike Zoom hoop-shoes.  He’s been teaching young hoopster-imposters what REAL game is all about since before you were born, and just because he was born at night, doesn’t mean he was born LAST night.  Uncle Drew even has a facebook page.

The first sighting was several years ago in Bloomfield, New Jersey at the Clark’s Pond Courts:

“Don’t reach youngblood”…….the legend of Uncle Drew was born.

The hoops world exploded with questions.  Who is Uncle Drew?  Where did he come from?  What’s his story?  Did he know Elvis?  What was it like making the transition from peach baskets to metal rims?

No one had any answers….only more questions.  Uncle Drew would resurface a few months later in LA at the Jim Gilliam Park on Crenshaw.  And this time he brought his old friend Wes with him:

“Age is just a state of mind, Wes.” – Uncle Drew

“Basketball isn’t a game, it’s an art-form….you master the fundamentals so you can forget em.  So you can improvise and concentrate on what REALLY matters……getting…….BUCKETS.” – Uncle Drew

The next spiritual, basketball awakening was the following year in Chicago, Seward Park to be exact.

The truth is, Uncle Drew is a motivator, a true believer, and the Peter Pan of basketball.  His passion is contagious, his demeanor is unshakable and his game………IS ALWAYS ON POINT.


Uncle Drew sighting!  Miami, Florida…..Margaret Pace Park, less than 24 hours ago.  This video just surfaced on the internet:

“Basketball is a physical game, you’re gonna take hits.  The question is, how do you bounce back?  How do you get stronger?  Passion…..discipline…..and fundamentals.  Ya got that young bloods?” – Uncle Drew

Where will the playground legend turn up next?