Turns out, Jay Cutler is kinda awesome (TBP of the month: August 2018)

The fact that Jay Cutler is on a cheesy reality TV show is about as perfect a life that any football fan or former Jay Cutler hater could ask for. Possibly the only topper to the actual show itself is the hysterical digital name card that appears any time Jay walks into a room.

“Jay – Kristin’s Husband”

I especially enjoyed the line where Jay’s wife, Kristin says: “I think it’s one of the weirdest things in the world to have a shrine to yourself, I know what I look like.” referring to a giant glamour shot of herself that apparently she doesn’t need hanging up on the wall – but nevermind the reality TV show that you’re a part of airing on the E! Network, cause that’s not a shrine to yourself at all, is it, Kristin?

Far be it for me to wax intellectual about “Keeping up with the Cavallari’s” or whatever the title of the show is, but go ahead and watch these clips and then try and tell me you don’t think a little better of Jay Cutler by the end of them?

His “Smokin Jay” attitude mocks everything dumb about shows like this as if he’s looking right into the camera and saying to the audience, “Hey, this is dumb – you’re dumb for watching this trash. But I don’t care, cause I’m getting paid.”

Jay Cutler deserves a job on an NFL team.